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Buying your home was likely one of the biggest financial and personal decisions you have ever made in your life, however, there is gonna come the day when when you are no longer comfortable living there. Maybe this was your first home, an "starter home" for your small family...except you've outgrown it and you may feel is time to move up..check out the latest listings in our website by going here 


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Ellen DeGeneres Shares 3 Hysterical Real Estate Listings: 

Attention Realtors, when setting ads fro your listings, it pays to proof read your  advertisements!!

The Bugatti Veyron is the definition of what a dream car should look like. I'm buying one of these as soon as I win the lottery.  The price tag for one of these cars is in the 6 figures...yes...they start at a million dollars and get this.. an oil change & standard service on a Bugatti Veyron will set you back a cool  $21,000. Yes, the oil change alone costs more than most cars you see on the road today...and never dare to take this car shopping to Walmart. . . the dings... will cost you more than buying all the merchandise in aisle 4 

One of our  listings is the "Little House in the Prairie" in Fairfax Virginia. This cute little house has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. Is a perfect home for a first time buyer or an investor that wants to renovate, build a second floor and./or wants it for an investment . Please call me if you would like a tour with absolutely o obligation from your part. SEE MORE 

Sometimes in life, your situation will keep repeating itself until you learn your lesson and know when your pride gets in the way.  There is nothing wrong having pride...but in some cases you will miss out happiness because of it..

"Sometimes is hard to let    it go

 but it's necessary... "




Planning ahead pays:  Let your creativity go wild when it comes to landscaping. Get inspired and use a combination of plants and flowers to paint a picture of serenity and peace in the front and the backyard....after all, this is your home and you should put your signature in it.. is our main website Whether your ultimate goal is to buy,invest, sell for the most profit, or ensure that you get that dream home no matter what, we'll be there for you. Our philosophy of service is simple: We're not number one; you are!

You’re in the market for a home, you’ve seen the listings on your computer, and you’ve put together a short list of potential properties. As you call your real estate agent and set up a showing time, don't  forget that there many important things to consider in a house, like the neighborhood, the schools, the amenities, commuting times and future value growth...don't allow the small stuff keep you from owning your dream home. If the house is perfect but, it has laminated can fix that..but YOUCAN'T FIX LOCATION as an example. ( photo courtesy of CAR)

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One of our listings has a bicycle mounted in one of the trees...

Check it out the details....HERE 


We are proud to introduce our 99 point marketing plan to sell your house...

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