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Unbiased Opinion About All Builders 

Who is the Best Builder in Clarksburg MD?  

Who Offers The Best Prices?  

Who Has The Most Complaints?  

Who is the Worst Builder in the Area?  

Who is the Best Builder in the Area?  

Note: Although during the videos I speak mostly about Clarksburg's builders, this applies to all major builders in the state of Maryland as well. . enjoy!   Fernando~

New Home Sales Process  

What's Springing a Contract on a New Home?

7 Things You Need To Know Before Buying a New Home

New Home Builder's Warranty Secrets 

Contract Tricks Builder's Play on 

Unsuspecting Buyers 


To Learn About Builder's Dirty Secrets 

Don't Buy a Home Without Reading it! 

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Did you know, if you have a house to sell before buying a new home...we can give you 100% guaranteed that you will not be stuck with two mortgages and give you a discount for using our services to sell it for you.

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