Doing it with Passion...

This story is more than 50 years on the making.

Fernando Herboso has focused his strengths with integrity and built his company with innovation and teamwork. Fernando’s legacy is measured one success at a time. 

As a broker and CEO for his own company Maxus Real Estate group, Fernando is 100% focused in family and real estate.  He has pioneered the concept of mixing customer care with overwhelming value and predictable results.  Fernando leads his group by identifying the needs of clients while building strong relationships.

“The only time we don’t give 100% is when we donate blood” and that is the philosophy that Fernando instills on his team and the daily example giving  to his own children.

Fernando subscribes to the three C’s of life: 

Choice – Chance – Change.

You must make the Choice, to take a Chance, if you want anything to Change!


Father of four children, devoted husband leading the charge to a happy life. 

Drafted and negotiated over 1000’s of sales and purchase contracts.

Strong rapport with customers, resulting in numerous and continuous referrals.

Former Owner/Trainer/Career Development: Keller Williams Home Towne Realty, Frederick, MD/Positions Held: ALC, Chair Career Development, Head of the Education Committee.  Top Recruiter Agent status for an office that grew from 30 to 92 agents. 

As an Agent Trainer/Coach, Fernando's  Specialty is Lead Generation Business Planning, Real Estate Contract Law, Camp 4.4.3 (Trainer), Use of Professional RE Systems & Tools; Including Database Management, Top Producer 7i, Website Development, Microsoft Suite; Word, Excel, Publisher, Power Point, Access & Imaging Products. Leveraging Business (Hiring Talent), Lead Generation, Team Building/Millionaire Agent, Personality Profiling and the Application of Training Methods to Bring the Best out of People.

Real Estate Web Strategist. Brokers and Realtors seek his opinion and consent on the look of their web presence … 

Authored of several eBooks with one notable ebook “Is a Short Sale An Option For You” Read over 115,000 times on the Internet

10 Closings in one single month! His record in sales for one single month ( June 2011)

Liberated dozens of homeowners from the grasps of foreclosures and  bad loan modifications using short sales as a weapon to equalize the banks greediness with consumers.

Fernando Herboso has listed hundreds of properties and he is on the top 3% of Realtors in the US

 Fernando Herboso was interviewed on Radio, TV , the Washington Examiner, The Frederick Post  and the Washington Post several times over the years.Interview featured nationally by NPR Radio about our local economy and the effects of short sales for homeowners, Interviewed internationally by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation about the generation of an article featured in the Washington Post about the effects of RACISM on consumers in Real Estate. Fernando was also interviewed by several other local stations about the subject. 

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Fernando has achieved the pinnacle of marketing with videos He is on top 1% of all other real estate channels  with over 873,000 views on his YouTube channel since 2007

Fernando has produced over 1356 videos as of 08/08/2016 

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eBooks authored by Fernando Herboso

Your attitude determines who you are and what defines you, 

I have always been aware of this, 

so I decided to remind myself everyday 

by using the acronym of T.I.G.E.R. 

where each letter represents and defines who I'm today ..

as I thrive to be a tiger every single day of my life

until the day I die...






ake Charge



ye of the tiger 


"What defines me?"



I know you are here because you are considering working with me. . . 

or just want to know a little about Fernando

You've come to the right place

scroll down and let me tell you a little bit about myself..  

I stormed out from the American Embassy like a bat out of hell; no one was going to stop me. It was 1977 and I was still a young man with plenty of hopes, dreams, and ambitions. Looking back, I now wonder why I was not shot by the Military Police right there on the spot as I left the gates of the embassy and stepped out onto a busy avenue. 

Moments earlier, as I stepped out of the taxi and entered the gates of the American Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia, I couldn’t help but pause to say a little prayer and think of my mother as I entered the gates of the American Embassy. I had come to place my final visa petition to travel to the United States one last time. 

The thick manila envelope I carried with me told the details of the story of my whole life. I had with me  my visa application, school documentation, parental authorization, the notarized death certificate of my mother, and the military school medical leave which would exempt me from regulatory military service. In the envelope were also my immunization records, an application to a school in the United States, a petition to stay guarantees from the United States, money for the applications, and, more importantly, a one-way ticket I had purchase with all the money I had to travel to the US.

I had waited for this moment for so long. The acceptance of my visa would mean my life would change dramatically and give me the opportunity for a different future. I had resigned myself to the fact that my application might be rejected and they might put a stamp on my forehead and send me packing back to where I came from, disappointing my father and my entire family.

The pain of my mother’s death still felt fresh on my mind,  even though the tragic accident which ended her life happened a few years earlier. She was my guiding light and it was to her that I prayed for her blessings in this attempt to radically change my life. I hoped that one day she could look down on me and feel great pride in what I planned to accomplish. First, though, I had to get this visa approved.

I didn’t dare risk showing up late for my early morning appointment so my taxi trip was planned to allow extra time in case of unforeseen events. The driver got me there with plenty of time to spare, and as I paid my fare, I prayed again silently to my mother and took the first step towards the Embassy entrance. I looked up and saw, for the first time, the American flag waving proudly in the breeze. I hoped it was a sign of welcome and good fortune for what I hoped to achieve.

What can I help you with?” asked an attendant as he stopped me suddenly.

I excitedly explained that I was here at the American Embassy to gain the stamp necessary to approve my visa application and enable me to travel to the USA. The attendant escorted me to a bench and asked me to wait. As I sat down, I suddenly realized with horror that I no longer had the manila envelope containing all of the required documents that were necessary for the visa application process!

My mind raced as I attempted to retrace my steps mentally and remember when the last time was that I had seen it. To my shock, I realized that I had left it in the taxi. The panic and shock that I felt as I realized that everything I had worked so hard to gather and save to live out my dream was sitting in the back of the cab. All of it, gone in an instant. 

I jumped up from my seat and flew out of the American Embassy in a sort of panic driven madness. OMG "What did I Do?!! I managed to leave something so important behind? I couldn’t believe it. My mind raced as it struggled to figure out what to do now. I ran as fast as my feet would allow. I couldn’t face the thought of returning defeated and rejected to face my family and friends due to my foolish and absent minded mistake. 

" What do I do now?"  "WHAT?!  I asked myself exasperated as I ran like I never ran before..

As I scanned the area I searched for the taxi I had just left and saw mine was unidentifiable. They all looked exactly the same! 

"OMG" my frustration with my actions and anger clouded my thoughts for a moment before I realized that the street traffic was standing still and not moving for a few moments ...as I continue racing scanning every single vehicle on my perimeter. . 

This was supposed to be the most defining moment in my life and it was in a way that I had never intended it to be. 

“Fernando, how on earth are you going to catch a moving vehicle by running? I frantically asked myself as I approached a busy intersection. I considered giving up a moment before something caught my eye; 

it was my taxi. It had stopped and I recognized the driver instantly. He was stuck in traffic; a twist of fate. "Thanks Mom!"

Sir!!” I yelled. “I left my documents on the back seat!

I almost crashed into the taxi as I ran towards it so quickly I could barely stop myself. Between heavy breaths and gasps of air, I explained to the startled taxi driver that I left my documents on the back of his taxi. Sure enough they were still there, exactly where I left them; my whole life on the back seat of a dirty taxi stuck in traffic in the city of La Paz in Bolivia

A few days later, I arrived in Miami, Florida. I look back now at those memories from so long ago and realize how close I was in staying in Bolivia and perhaps living a different life. 

That defining moment of my life is the one I remember the most. I was happy and sad. I was leaving my family, my friends, my way of life in exchange of risking it all and going to a foreign place, but I was happy that my visa was granted and my whole life changed directions.

The experiences of my past are undeniably different from those of most Americans. It goes without saying that this event in my life was more than just moment for me. My  memories remain what it took for me to get to the US . It has always  influenced the way I live and my eternal gratitude to the Government of the United States of America by allowing a young man with dreams and no money a chance to

 . . . live out my dream and experience an opportunity to live in this glorious land we call the USA. 

This is why we called our company MAXUS REALTY GROUP 


Never taking it for granted

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Surprising my client with a $23,000 CHECK!

My client’s daughter found us on the Internet, nothing wrong with that, most of our clients find us first on the Internet because of our vast educational presence.

“Fernando, most Realtors do not take $60,000 Short Sale Listings!”

That’s what she was afraid of when I first met her.

I had an instant connection with my client and I re-assure her. .as long as she is willing to help us help her. . I promised her that I would assist her.

She was ready. .and we took the case in.  It was a short sale where the bank accepts a lesser amount to SELL THE HOUSE.

Our client knew about her acceptance to the HAFA SHORT SALE PROGRAM Where it assured her that there will be no deficiency judgment against her. .and a $3,000 Relocation assistance payable to her at closing.

Unbeknownst to her, we found out earlier that she qualified to receive an additional $20,000 on top of the $3,000 the HAFA Program offered, as we ask for this extra money on her behalf... The bank approved it but, 

of course, I was a little reluctant to tell her these news. . It would not the last time that a bank made a mistake and I have a dishearten client at closing. . .I couldn't risk that..

I chose not to tell her until I was 100% sure she was getting the money. So, I waited until the day of her closing.

It was hard to imagine that the lender had accepted into giving here $20,000 more...after all, the bank was approving the selling of this short sale property for only $60,000!! They were only netting two thirds of the proceeds!

The closing happened on 03/16/2012 

It was a very big moment for my client because she lost her house, she was forced into moving to a dilapidated building with bad elevators. 

She was very tired and very sick.. .

I made her very happy that day..and she was very appreciative of our efforts...

This is one of my most memorable closings I 've ever had because... it had a sad ending..

My dear client passed away just a few weeks later after this video was taken.

The money was used to pay for her funeral expenses.


My brother and I work very hard...

Teaching my kids to be generous....

in case you need a strong listing agent 

My very active life...100% all the way!

I'm almost famous. . .  

My video with over 1/2 million views!

What I love. . . 

...except "clinger" here

Fernando Herboso 2005